Boats & Hoes

A day out in Dun Laoghaire where I ate Scrumdiddlys and realised I can't digest it because my IBS hates me 🙂 x Bodysuit - Red Flare "Fancy" Pants - Denim Jacket - actually from F&F Tesco - shocker huns I know!! Molly xoxo


Lush Haul – Nov 2017

Hello! Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to an evening in Lush on Grafton Street, Dublin, where they demoed for us some of their new bath bits and pieces for the festive season. It was amazing, I was in my absolute element. I dived right in and tested all the pink bath bombs... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! So I know it's been months since I last blogged and I am aware that makes me a terrible terrible blogger so I offer my apologies and I promise to improve! Today, I am back with a different kind of a post for me, a wishlist. I am currently broke as I'm sure... Continue Reading →

29 essential things to bring to College

Yourself (well come on now that's just a bit obvious, but still very important) A Journal/ Diary. This has become a massively popular craze on Tumblr (especially Studyblrs - mines Green Tea & Anthropology).  This is essential to keep check of everything you have going on, from lectures, to important assignments, lunch dates with your... Continue Reading →

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