Dying Mermaid Halloween Makeup Look


Hi Guys!

So hopefully you’re here because you enjoyed my youtube video so much that you wanted to see what products I used.  Here on my blog I thought it would be a handy place to write a list of exactly what makeup I used to create my mermaid look, since it got such a huge response off people.


For gills and cuts I used the following:

  • Duo Eyelash Glue
  • Tissue Paper

The base I put down consisted of:

  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation – 3N – Creamy Beige
  • MAC Mineralised Skin Finish – Medium
  • Tease (From the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette)
  • Sleek Highlighting Palette – Solstice

For the mermaid scales I used:

  • Fish Net Tights
  • Crown Brush Shimmer Palette
  • Catrice White Kohl Pencil

On my eyes:

  • Rimmel London Blue Kohl Pencil
  • Crown Brush Shimmer Palette
  • L’Oreal Superliner Superstar
  • L’Oreal False Lash Superstar
  • Penneys Fake Lashes

On the lips:

  • Aloe Vera Vaseline
  • Rimmel Blue Kohl Pencil
  • Penneys Black Kohl Pencil
  • Crown Brush Shimmer Palette

For the gore:

  • Blackout – Urban Decay Naked 2
  • Tease – Urban Decay Naked 2
  • Fake Blood


So that’s what I used on my face to creative my little Halloween look. Everything is extremely accessible and mostly from the pharmacy or “drugstore” if you’re from across the pond, so quite inexpensive.

I’m not sure if many people will notice, but the quality of this video has hugely improved and my videos from now on will hopefully keep improving as half way through editing this video I had to change editing software.  I moved from Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13.  Movie Maker literally crashed every five minutes on me and gave me such heart ache I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I currently have the trial version of the Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 and I think I will definitely be paying the €80 or whatever it is at the end of my month because I can do so much more with it and get really creative with my videos now. #hooked


As always, snap me with any video or blog suggestion, or any questions you may have at all 🙂

Until next time,

Molly xoxo


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