Style Diary -8th October 2016


Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog so I thought I’d do a quick outfit post of one of the outfits from my latest YouTube video which is a Autumn College Style Lookbook. (If you havn’t seen that you should watch it here! Seriously it’s only 5 mins, have a cuppa, x) Basically most of my clothes end up being from either Penneys or Boohoo, so are very reasonably priced and easy to purchase.  I also had a big shopping spree before I started into my second year of college in September, and with a monochrome instagram inspired capsule wardrobe in mind – most of the clothes I bought were white, black, grey or pink (and I have absolutely no issue with that).  I know it may sound a bit grim, but eliminating colour (except pink, I love pink) out of my daily wardrobe has made deciding what to wear so so sooo much easier because everything goes with everything.  I never clash and I don’t spend more than five minutes deciding what I want to wear, whereas before I dreaded it, the mundane chore of choosing what to clothe myself in for a couple of hours would absolutely stress me sometimes to the point of tears.  Which is extreme I know, but I’m a drama queen.



I really like this outfit because it’s very chilled and very versatile.  You can wear it most places and still look very put together without looking like you put too much effort in – which is always the aim right?


I believe in layering.  Ireland is freezing most of the time so you need a warm jacket, however if you’re in college like me, you’re probably always rushing last minute to lectures and tutorials and sometimes really big jackets and coats can just be too heavy.  This bomber from Penneys (you can get one like it here) is perfect for this time of year because it’s not raining too much yet, so you don’t necessarily need a hood, but it has just the right amount of padding to keep you cosy when it’s cold, yet it’s light enough so that you don’t overheat.  In crowded lecture halls and classrooms, it can feel like the mediterranean sometimes – I remember last year in Maynooth, a massive lecture hall was nicknamed “costa del JH“.  The sweat was unreal, I’m surprised people didn’t faint.  Anyway in those scenarios it’s very convenient to have a light layer underneath your coat/jacket so you don’t self combust.  Last year I made the mistake of wearing a jumper in John Hume, without wearing anything under it, so I couldn’t take it off and I was basically focusing on not passing out the whole entire lecture.  We live and learn.  This oversized white v neck from Boohoo is perfect for such circumstances as it will go with everything and is extremely comfortable and flattering.

Now I know I love and live in my leggings most of the time, but some days you just have to bust out the jeans (always skinny, just personal preference).  These ones are from Penneys (see similar here) and while I rate my Topshop ones higher, they are great for the price.  Theyre really soft especially for under €15 and the high waist sits at a lovely place on me.  The only fault I have with these (as I have with every pair of Penneys jeans) is that they fall down on me.  They’re a size 8 but realistically my arse isn’t going to fit anywhere near into a size 6, and my waist isn’t that extremely small either. Lol. Jeans are always a tough find though </3

My beloved Adidas Cap also makes an appearance in this #ootd because I Love It.  I don’t have to do my hair, it keeps it off my face and I feel like the f**cking shit. It’s a win win all round.  Just get one, you won’t regret it, promise

Lastly, I’m wearing my Nike Roshes, my babies.  I buy these in the kids sizes because I have really small feet, everything about me is really small in general actually but at least I save money, while keeping my feet looking snazzy.  I wear these runners every day, because I can speed walk in them to college, go to the gym in them, and they’re black so they match everything I wear.  It’s a simple life.


My makeup for this outfit was quite minimalistic for me – which means no wings, no glitter, no bold lip, no fake lashes.  I kept everything very simplistic and opted for a couple matte brown shades over the lid and into the crease which a sweep of liquid eyeliner near the lash line.  I did my brows the way I do them every single say – fleeked (Fleek or fail girls, you know how it is).  For the lips, I’ve been trying out something new lately, it’s quite nineties inspired actually.  Think Kylie before her lip kits.  I line them and fill them in with MAC’s Whirl Lipliner, then just the outer edges with a Brown liner.  The last thing I do is take a little bit of my Catrice Camouflage Cream on my finger and pop in in the center of both lips and blend.  It gives you such a pout and makes your lips look a lot plumper.  Also because you’re after putting three layers of product on your lips – if you blot off the excess oils with tissue paper – it will literally last most of the day, like I’ll have meals and it will still look sound. Great Job.

And that’s it for this post, but keep an eye out on my social media over the next few weeks because I definitely have more blog posts and YouTube videos on the way!  Also a massive thanks to my housemate Maja (her Instagram) for taking these pics for me, and also to Sean (his Instagram) and the rest of the squad that dedicated their time to help me make my Lookbook ❤ x

Molly xoxo






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