29 essential things to bring to College

  1. Yourself (well come on now that’s just a bit obvious, but still very important)
  2. A Journal/ Diary.
    This has become a massively popular craze on Tumblr (especially Studyblrs – mines Green Tea & Anthropology).  This is essential to keep check of everything you have going on, from lectures, to important assignments, lunch dates with your squad and even clubs and socs meetings! Gotta keep track of everything! It helps to write down briefly what your lectures were about and the reading or work that you may have t do to accompany that specific lecture. OCD much like.
  3. A Laptop.
    Unless you’re studying something that requires it, it really doesn’t have to be that high tech or expensive.  You can get chromebooks for under €300, Macbooks for over €1000. I fell in between those too, and got a HP for just under €500 and it’s serving me just fine. A laptop doesn’t have to be absolutely essential, you can just use the computers in the library, or some college allow you to take out a laptop for up to 3 hours at a time like in Maynooth.  But honestly, I feel it’s so much more comfortable to have your own one, for doing readings online and checking your assignments.
  4. A Blanket.
    It’s a well known fact that student houses are frrr-eeeezing.  And you’ll be way more likely to spend money on more important things (*ahem* alcohol) than heating, so a blanket is a very good idea to keep you nice and snuggly.
  5. A Hairdryer.
    It’s weird things like this that you would forget.  Save yourself the hassle of hauling one back and forth every weekend on the train and just buy one to keep in college.
  6. Socks.
    Keep ya toes toasty.
  7. A multi socket extension lead.
    You’d be surprised how many different devices and electrical appliances you have that you need to charge/use at the same time.
  8. A mirror.
    A small portable mirror that you ca do your makeup at is pretty important if your like me and lighting gives you struggles. Just take your mirror to the window and sit down hun.
  9. Wipes.
    College rooms are often very small – and so can get messy very quickly.  Wipes are the easiest way to give them a quick clean before all your pals come over for your whopper gaffer.  Also that spilled Starbucks on your bomber isn’t gunna clean it’s self chick :*
  10. Multivitamins.
    2 words. Fresher’s flu. This is not a drill.  Dose yourself up on your vits and mins and pray to the gods you skip the germathon.
  11. A Mug.
    As a teaholic, I need my own mug.  I can’t really explain that anymore tbh.
  12. A Teddy.
    For the cuddles while you wait for your library boyfriend, obvz.
  13. Slippers.
    My feet just seem to be freezing all the time, so fluffy socks and slippers are essential when your chilling inside.
  14. A Dressing Gown.
    Or onesie, whichever you prefer, but these things are important for early morning study sessions and late night movie marathons.
  15. Candles.
    This year I’m living in a house with four other girls, so I can guarantee we will have more candles than absolutely anything else in the house.  Hit me up Vanilla Cupcake xo
  16. Perfume.
    Its nice to smell nice.
  17. A couple Refill pads.
    I like to bring one refill pad to all of my lectures, and then separate them up into sections/subjects/modules in a little folder after.
  18. Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel.
    Keep it fresh.
  19. A Big Handbag.
    To throw all your shit in, if you’re not a schoolbag type of person.
    (It ruins my outfit and makes me sad, don’t judge.)
  20. Plastic bags/Dirty Washing Basket.
  21. Earphones.
    You’ll probably walk ALOT in college, and rely heavily on public transport, so earphones are a good investment to turn your commuting time into relaxation time.
  22. Hairbrush.
    Tame the mane hunny.
  23.  A Stapler.
    One thing I wish I had through all of first year, but kept forgetting to buy.  Literally just carry round one in your bag – so important when you’re printing off readings and submitting assignments.
  24. Condoms.
    Don’t be silly, wrap that willy. Ah no but in all seriousness, whether you’re on the pill or not, STD’s are nasty business, you don’t want that ruining any of your freshers fun and what not.
  25. Cleaning Supplies.
    You probably never have to buy this stuff at home… #welcometoadulthood
  26. Make Up Remover.
    It’s just handier to have doubles of your main skincare products both in college and at home so you’re not hauling them through public transport every weekend (unnecessary weight).
  27. Pretty Bed sheets.
    This is now your second home, make it feel as pretty and as comfortable as possible for yourself so settling in is no bother.
  28. Comfy Shoes.
    As I said earlier, you’re probably going to walk ALOT.  Buy yourself some shoes that actually don’t give you blisters (my faves are roshes x)
  29. A good warm jacket.
    During your many hours spent walking throughout your academic year, you will be challenged by the unpredictable bullshitty Irish weather.  You will get rained on, significantly.  You will get huge chunks of hail throttled down on you, abruptly.  You will reach the top of the railway bridge, only to get bullied by wind and thrown into the car park.  You may also get the occasional visit form Queen Elsa from time to time, and experience the treachery of black ice, and freezing bite of snow.  And through all this you must have a good warm jacket, ALWAYS.

Until next time,
Molly xo


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