My Weekend in England (Watch!)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry this post is a bit late I have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks!

So a week or two ago I posted a vlog on my YouTube Channel (Click here to watch) of my travels around England on a long weekend away.  I thought it seemed only right to do a blog post on the trip where I could go more into detail about the things we did and where we stayed, just for anyone who is interested in maybe visiting England soon and is looking for some inspiration.

Our mini holiday started out with a flight from Ireland West Airport Knock to Liverpool John Lennon Airport at around 12 in the afternoon.  When we arrived into Liverpool we then collected our hired car which we had booked for the couple days we were staying.  A grey Ford Focus with a touchscreen display and a spare dog collar left behind in the back seat, was a lovely vehicle to spend time in during the mad (MAD) rush hour traffic from Liverpool to Birmingham.  Our first meal in Britain on this holiday ended up being a quick Mc Donalds at a motorway services because the traffic was that relentless ( I had no complaints though <3).  Also our accent really stood out to the staff who were used to the midlands chit chat, making us feel something of a novelty.

When we finally got to our lovely hotel, the Hampton by Hilton in Birmingham City Centre, we went out exploring the city (by exploring I mean shopping).  We got a taxi to the markets who were just closing up, and then headed to the Bullring Shopping Center where I was in heaven.  I bought a pair of Victoria Secret Pink Campus Leggings (I can’t find the exact ones but these are similar), the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol2 8 Piece Brush Set and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette in Selfridges. I also got a Hollister Hoodie on sale for £25 which I thought was so good.  For dinner that evening we had a lovely meal at Frankie and Benny’s.


Day 2

The Breakfast at Hampton  by Hilton was insane! They had a pancake maker! Honestly the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had. This was probably the busiest day of all.  First we went to Cadbury World – we were there for 9:30am when they opened the doors.  And within 10 minutes we were handed about 10 chocolate bars (not exaggerating, you can watch my vlog here to see all the chocolateness).  I really loved Cadbury World because you do a mini tour about how Cadbury source their cocoa beans, and how they started their company and continue to make their world renowned chocolate today.  The original brother set up a village for their workers and called it Bourneville (yano the dark cocoa powder).  They housed all of their employees and even built recreational facilities for them like tennis courts and swimming pools.  I loved learning about Cadbury, and most of all I loved watching the handmade chocolate making demonstration, and of course tasting the chocolate.  I would really highly recommend giving Cadbury World a visit if you’re in the general area, it is a fantastic day out and suitable for all ages! (And an excuse to eat chocolate so you can’t really pass on it tbh).



Then we went to the Black Country Living Museum for the afternnon. This is a bit like Bunratty Castle in the sense that it’s a little village they have made as if it were long ago and the staff are all dressed up in the clothes of the age and explain what it would have been like to live in the village during this time.  This was soooo interesting, even though the “Museum” part threw me a little, it wasn’t really like that at all! It was like a town preserved from the past – again suitable for all ages.  There, we had fish and chips for our lunch (it was a very hot day and the queue for food took forever but there was no where else to eat there).







After we landed up to our second hotel – the Splash Landings Hotel at the Alton Towers Resort.  This hotel was really bright and fun and very family friendly, it even had a water park right in the middle of it.  We got unpacked and changed for dinner and headed to a Frankie and Benny’s close by because we loved it so much the last night and don’t have it in Ireland. I had goujons and chips this time and enjoyed it a lot. I was sooo tired from everythign we had been doing this day so I fell asleep fairly quickly when we got back to the hotel.

Day 3

The breakfast was very busy and there was a bit of a wait for the massive spread of help yourself cereals and cooked breakfasts but it was really nice.  Then we headed off to Alton Towers for the day.  We were so blessed with the weather for our whole trip but on this day the sun was just spectacular.  I’m not one for rollercoasters (“so why did you go to Alton Towers?” – I know) but I still tried some and actually kind of liked them.  I went on the Spinball Whizzer, and the Runaway Mine Train and then other rides like Duel and Congo River Rapids, Battle Galeons and The Blade.  We also took a trip on the Sky Ride and went to the Ice Age 4D Experience.  I liked everything we did and it was honestly great craic altogether.  The most stand out thing to me from Alton Towers though, is the Rollercoaster Restaurant.  This was amazing (and if you’ve watched the vlog you’ll have seen) it was just so different from anywhere I’ve ever eaten before, a complete novelty that fitted in with the theme fantastically. Every table had their own Rollercoaster line and iPad and you order your food via you’re iPad and the food travels down to you on the Rollercoaster – like actually it does – and arrives fine, even though you’d expect it to be all mushed up.  The prices were completely reasonable as well, and the food was lovely! I got chicken goujons and chips (I like goujons) and for dessert I had Marshmellows and Strawberries with warm chocolate (which was actually so gorgeous and might be the highlight of the whole trip for me).


After we were done at Alton Towers we went shopping in Cheshire Oaks and had a “Cheeky” Nandos (a first for the mother) and then checked into our B&B (Brook Barn) which was so convenient as it was only 3/5 minutes from the Airport.  There we had a lovely nights sleep and breakfast in the morning before we headed back to Ireland (and reality).

Thank you so much for reading, as always ❤

Until next time,

Molly xoxo






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