What I’m bringing to Sea Sessions with me (Irish Surf and Music Festival 2016)

1616 Sea Sessions Logo Suite-02Hi everyone,

This summer is the first summer I’m going somewhere with my friends without adults, giving our newly found freedom that comes with college we thought we would do something none of us have done before and take a spin up to Donegal to spend a weekend in Bundoran at the Surf and Music Festival – Sea Sessions.  I have heard so many people going to this last year and having the time of their lives so hopefully we will have an amazing time.

Since I have never been to a festival of any kind before, I have no idea what to bring, so I’ve been researching and asking people who have been to festivals before and decided I’m bringing the following;

Boots – or wellies, I haven’t decided yet, but some sort of appropriate footwear.

Portable Charger – essential for when your beloved device(s) run out of juice (which they will, soz)

Jacket – it’s Ireland

Hoodie – it can get very cold especially at night despite the fact it’s June and meant to be sunny.

2 Outfits (or 3 or 4 or 5) – Try not to overpack bringing stuff you probably won’t wear, put do bring extra clothes just incase yours get all muddy or wet or ruined, it is Ireland after all.


Tights – keep toasty in the probable rain!

Wet Wipes (x20) – to clean everything, every hour, probably.

Water Bottle – keep hydrating during all the festivaling (can’t drink the ocean like)

Sleeping Bag – better than a box.

Blanket – keep yoself cosy gal.

Dry Shampoo – this is actually a multi-purpose product.  Plumps up depressed hair and can be used to start camping fires (as I found out the summer before 6th year).


Bag – for dirty clothes and things

Toilet Roll – self explanitory.

Makeup Bag – simple & basic kit.


Biscuits. Cereal. Crisps – any snacks that will keep for a couple of days that you can munch on throughout the day in between you’re burgers and chips (yes I plan on eating my cereal straight from the box)


Alcohol – most festivals including Sea Sessions don’t permit glass bottles on site as they can be dangerous, so cans are the way to go lads, and if you’re the vodka type, put it in a plastic bottle (there is a restriction on this too I think).  I’m planning on buying my juice when I get up there, since I don’t want my bags to be too heavy.

Deodorant – some D.O. for the B.O.

Body Spray – it’s always nice to smell nice

Underwear – bare necessity really


I’m so so excited to be going to sea sessions again and spend the weekend away having the craic with my friends ❤

Below is the line up if you’re wondering..

That’s it for now guys, thanks so much for reading! I hope to film a few clips up in Bundoran and put together a little video so you can see a taste of the sea sessions experience if you’re thinking of going next year, so watch out for that on my YouTube channel!

Until next time pets,

Molly xoxo

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