Summer Clothing Haul

Hey guys!  Today’s post and video (watch it here) is a try on haul of a rake of clothes I got recently before college ended, to get me through the summer months.  Everything was bought with my own money and I’m not trying to brag in any way, shape or form, I just like these types of posts as you get to see whats in the shop and more inspiration for your wardrobe!

So the first thing that I got is a flowy off the shoulder top from New Look.  It’s pale pink with stripes and has little bows on the sleeves.  I think this looks so adorable tucked into anything high-waisted! It was the most expensive thing at €25.  But it’s really pretty.

2016-06-15 (2)

This Khaki coloured crop top is lovely and so different with the cut out detail on the shoulders.  This was €13 from New Look.

2016-06-15 (6)

I also got these high waisted super skinny and super soft jeans from Penneys. These were either €13 or €18, I can’t remember exactly.

This skirt is also from Penneys and cost €12.  I love this skirt, it’s incredibly soft and it will go with so many things.

I got this top from H&M and it was €13.  I love all the colours in this top as well as the pattern and the little tassels on the end! This fits me perfectly I love it.

2016-06-15 (4)2016-06-15 (5)

This top is also from Penneys and was only €6! I love the length of this top and the stripes on it. It has a nice width between the stripes so they’re very militaristic and not too overpowering.

2016-06-15 (7)

These trousers are actually from Tesco and were around the €20 mark. My mam’s friend tried on these trousers and Mam thought they’d suit me so she got them for me.  They’re not my usual style (I usually wear black leggings or jeans) but they fit really nicely and make me feel a bit grown up, always a good thing.

2016-06-15 (9)

I also got this hat from H&M.  This hat was on sale for €5 and I’ve never had a had like this so I thought I’d try it on holidays and see do I feel more chic, we can hope.

2016-06-15 (11)

Well that’s it for today guys, thanks so much for reading and if you want to watch my video, I’ll link it down below.  Please if you enjoyed it could you like and subscribe it would mean the world ❤

Until next time, Molly xoxo

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