Bright Blue Festival Makeup Collab with KelliesGellies!

Hey guys, today I’m doing a post detailing the products I used in my Bright Blue Festival Makeup video!  Since I know blogging comes in all forms of social media, I decided to make a YouTube for people who would rather watch me do the makeup than explain it through pictures! I know I LOVE watching YouTube videos, so I’m excited to start making them and hopefully improving the quality of my content overall!  This is actualy a collab with my friend Kellie from KelliesGellies – you can check out her blog here, she does class nail art!

First I used the Catrice Camouflage Cream to conceal the veins in my eyes and prime my eyelids for eyeshadow.   I love this cream and honestly it is on par if not better than the Benefit Bo-ing Concealor, it lasts sooo long and is so cheap at around €4 from Penneys!

To set the concealer on my eyelids i patted lots of the Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder.  As I have very oily eyelids this is a really important step for me to stop my eye shadow creasing throughput the day.

I then used my favourite – Inglot Brow Gel Liner in shade 16, to fill in my eyebrows with an angled brush.  I really love the way this makes my eyebrows look and it does not budge! Brilliant stuff, highly reccommend!

Next I used a large fluffy brush to blend some Inglot shade 54 into my crease as a transition shade so that all the blue I put on top will layer and blend out nicely.

To start out the blue theme, I took the lightest, brightest blue shade from my Crown Brush Shimmery eye shadow palette, and patted that on just the center of my lid and up into the center of my crease, to make my eyes look bigger.

I took a smaller fluffy brush with a deep cobalt blue and buffed that on the inner corner, outer corner and up into the crease.

Then I went in with a small brush and really built up the blue on the inner and outer corner, and also swept it under my lashline to smoke out the eye.

I took a small dense round brush in Black is Black from my Lancome palette and darken up the inner and outer corner as well.  Layering all these colours give the eye lots of dimension.

To highlight my brow bone and inner corner I used Inglot shade 46.

I then applied mascara.  I use the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume, just because it’s the one I have, I do like it but I’m on the search for a new favourite, an suggestions – let me know! ❤

For Foundation I used the L’oreal True Match (which I love).

To conceal under my eyes I used shade 1 from my SoSu Complete Contour Kit.

To create the dots over and under my eyes I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  It was my first time attempting to do dots of any kind, and I know they looked quite messy hopefully I’ll improve.

I used a small angled eyeliner brush with some of that cobalt blue from earlier and made an upside down open triangle on my forehead between my brows.  I love this little touch as I thought it gave the look more of a tribal feel.

For liptick I moved away from my everyday safe nudes, and opted for a bright coral liquid lipstick from Catrice in the Shade Marilyn Monrouge.

And that it, the finished look, ready for any festival summer may throw at you!

Thank you so much for reading guys (and watching, if you watched my video on YouTube).

Please don’t forget to like this post and video, and subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t already! I really want to start uping my game with blogging over the summer!

Until next time,

Molly xoxo

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