My Venture into YouTube!

Hi everyone, today’s post is just a really quick one to let you all know I am going to try out this whole YouTube thing to go with my blog!  I can’t promise my videos will be amazing, or even very interesting for you all, but I can promise that I will use whatever I have to create the best quality videos I can and keep trying to improve them throughout the summer!  Hopefully some people will like watching them and they aren’t too embarrassing at the start.

So today I am putting my first YouTube video live for everyone to see.  It is a Debs Makeup look featuring a Silver Smokey Eye and a Red Lip.  It’s actually exactly how I did my Makeup last year for my own Debs (that’s prom to all you English and Americans).  I thought I’d do a video showing how I did it as I got a rake of compliments last year on it asking what makeup artist I went to, even though I did it all myself.  So I hope you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe if you do because it lets me know if I’m heading in the right direction!

Debs Makeup! Silver Smokey Eye & Red Lip

Until next time,

Molly xoxo

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