New Vanity Set Up 💕


Hey Guys!  Today I thought I’d do a quick blog post as I finally finished decorating my new Vanity area!  This is where I can sit and do my makeup and hair, take blog pictures, and just do general internet-y things as well.  Also it’s so beautiful and I’m in love with it, I’ll try mention where I got everything, but 95% is IKEA.  If you know me at all you’ll know that I enjoy IKEA a lot because IKEA is the Disneyland of furniture and I’m obsessed.  You sweedz.


Here is just an overview, I think as a whole it looks very simple and elegant, which makes OCD me v happy.

My mini MAC Collection, my pride and joy, taking front row of course.

I got this makeup storage from Euro Giant in Maynooth not to long ago, it was only €20.
I just keep the makeup I wear quite a lot on a daily basis in it, if you see something that interests you don’t be afraid to leave a comment, message me, tweet me (whatever you’re favourite social media) and I’ll tell you a more about it (cause I’m sound).

The majority of my brushes here are Real Techniques by Sam and Nick Chapman,  I think they’re amazing and bright and cheerful, and I really like how accessible they are compared to other brands of brushes of the same quality.  The other brushes are very miscellaneous and I honestly couldn’t tell ya where they’re from, but I hope to purchase a new set from Zoeva or Morphe v soon.  The jars I keep them in are old Yankee Candle jars, (yes I’m one of those girls).


Well guys that’s it for tonight, hope you enjoyed this quick post and got some inspo for your own vanity area if you’re thinking of maybe creating one.  I also just want to mention that the past week I’ve been getting a lot more views and activity over my blog and social media due to Suzanne Jackson from SoSueMe and Sineady Cady from TheMakeupChair sharing my pictures on their Instagram and I’d like to say I’m so so so thankful for the recognition, it just makes me feel so motivated and encouraged to carry on to bigger and better things with my blog.  It’s an amazing feeling when two successful women who I’ve looked up to for years acknowledge me and I honestly didn’t think that would happen, especially this quickly with me only starting my blog in March!  So thank you to everyone so far who has liked or followed me on any of my social media, commented or shown their support in any way it really does mean a lot ❤  Now that I’m finished up college for the summer, I hope to improve the quality of my posts and maybe branch out to more exciting things.  If you have any requests at all don’t hesitate in dropping me a line to let me know as I’f love to hear what you want to see me do, whether  it’s makeup, or more style pieces or anything at all, I’m all ears.

Until next time,

Molly xoxo

From IKEA:





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