LUSH Haul | April 2016

Hello everybody, recently I’ve been shopping in Dublin a little and of course, I went into Lush for a peep, and came out with my purse a little lighter. 🙂 I’m just going to say it – I LOVE Lush, I love everything about it – all their products that I’ve tried I love, all the good they do, how nice they are in the shops.  Lush is just such a nice experience all the time ❤

So here’s a little look at what I got, I’ll link everything at the bottom as usual so you can have a look on their website if you’re interested:

First I got Avobath and I love the colour of this it’s just so fresh and makes me feel very invigorated. It is made from avocado, and lots of oils such as lemongrass, so I presume it’s extremely moisturising. I think it was around €4.95 or close to that, but I don’t have their catalog with me as I’m writing that so I could be wrong but it’s definitely under the €5 mark.

I’ve wanted to try some of Lush’s cleansers for the longest time so I got some samples to check if they agreed with me fist, and of course they did more than agree with me – they made my skin amazing, they smell amazing, they are amazing, I love Lush.  Anyway, the first sample I got is a scrub cleanser called Let The Good Times Roll and i absolutely love this because it smells like the Vanilla Yankee Candles. ❤  Also, if you remember my first post was a review on a spin brush from Vanity Planet and I do love that but honestly – this has worked better for me, and it’s such a more pleasant experience too.  Often the spin brush would leave my face red, whereas this doesn’t but I feel like it removes all the dead skin so efficiently and leaves my skin incredibly soft ahh ❤

Next up, I got the Butterball bathbomb, and it’s so cute and elegant (if bath bombs can even be elegant). This cost around the same as Avobath I think, or maybe a bit less, and contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil, so I can imagine this is going to be so luxuriously creamy and I read that you feel all silky for hours after, so excited for that, haha.

I also got a sample of the Ultrabland cleanser and makeup remover.  This smells so satisfying and is a really creamy balm that both removes makeup and cleanses your skin.  This stuff is class lads, it’s amazing like, you rub it on your face when you’ve your makeup on and it loosens and breaks it all up and you look like you’ve a black eye for a while until you wipe it off with a cotton pad,  but it works sooo well and does not make my face red one bit.  I actually feel soo moisturised after this sometimes I won’t put a moisturiser on if I’m just going to bed, and I have quite dry skin most of the time so that’s saying something.  So after I use the balm, I rinse it with warm water, and dry my face with a few cotton rounds. Perf clean moisturfull (is that even a word) skin, Love ❤

I actually loved these cleaners so much that i went back to Lush Henry Street and bought them both in full size, because I just can’t I’ve without them, they make my skin class and the smell encourages me when I’m lazy at night and just want to sleep.

Let The Good Times Roll is around €9 for 100g, and UltraBland was around €9 for 45g I think.  I also purchased The Comforter bubblebar, because I’ve never tried a bubblebar before and this smell – I could not have left the shop without it, I tried to but I couldn’t.  I think it was €6.50 or around that, but you can use it multiple time I think.  It smells all fruity and relaxing and it makes your bathwater go pink! So obviously, you need to get this…and I need to buy like 50 more.  It contains bergamot and cypress oil, and I’m not an oil expert but I do know they make your skin class, and what else would you want, huh?

Aw gorge ❤

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t be afraid to let me know because it’ll help me improve 🙂  I also hope to have a SoSu Complete Contour Palette review up soon so “stay tuned”, lol.

Until next time,

Molly xoxo

Check out everything I got here:

Thr Comforter Bubblebar

Ultrabland Cleanser

Let The Good Times Roll Scrub

Butterball Bathbomb

Avobath Bathbomb


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