iWhite Review

Hi guys, today I am going to do a first impressions and review of the iWhite Teeth Whitening kit that I purchased for €30 at the Irish Beauty Show 2016.  I also got a free toothpaste with it, and yes, college students will get excited about free toothpaste, or anything free.


I’ve wanted to try some sort of at home teeth whitening for a while, mostly out of curiosity so see if they work because I do be so skeptical about these things.

The instructions say that you wear the trays for 20 mins (on both top and bottom teeth, or just top or bottom only, whichever you prefer) for 20mins for up to 5 consecutive days.  That means you can wear them every day for 5 days, and then just use them when you feel like you want a bit of brightening up before a debs or something like that.  You don’t have to wear them for the full 5 days though, if you feel like you’ve achieved what you’re looking for after 2 or 3 days, that’s grand too (aren’t ya lucky).


The company claims to be 100% safe (is anything ever 100% though) and also claims that some clients have been able to go up to 8 shades whiter (8 SHADES) using just this kit (and extremely specific oral hygiene I imagine).  A girl can dream.

I wouldn’t say I have the yellowest teeth I’ve ever seen, but they are stained more so around the sides, because I drink ALOT of Tea (yes is deserves cap).  I don’t drink coffee though and I believe that’s worse at staining your teeth than Tea, so yay #TeaTeam.




First attempt/Day 1:  I chose to use 2 pre-filled trays today, one for my top and one for my bottom.  First I brushed my teeth well with the iWhite toothpaste and then I inserted the trays.  I will say I didn’t like the taste of the toothpaste, but it wasn’t unbearable just an uncomfortable taste.  I cannot taste the trays at all, which I am happy about.  It does make your mouth water like mad though, and I thought it wouldn’t be as bad since I already wear a retainer at night (sometimes).





IMG_2665 I set the timer on my phone and now I’m just waiting, the watering has subsided a little too.  The trays are not hard plastic like the retainer you get after you’ve had braces, they soft and squishy and have barely any back, so you really have to try to spread the gel around evenly – but it’s not difficult.  Okay so after the timer went off, I removed the two trays (it’s gross not gunna lie) and swished water round my mouth like you would with mouthwash, and spat it out.  I said you couldn’t taste it before, but you could definitely taste it now 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s unpleasant but not the worst.  I soon learned to adopt a very aggressive mouth-washing technique to force all the gel from my teeth, which worked so it was grand.


My teeth didn’t feel sensitive at all but more clean or something.  I didn’t notice any immediate whiteness or brightness, but it was only the first tray of 10.  On closer inspection at the pictures I feel like, while the first tray didn’t whiten my teeth, it did manage to tone down the yellowness of my side teeth, so they all look more on the same tone – if that even make sense?





The following days,

I used top and bottom tray for the next 4 days and I don’t feel like they  whitened my teeth, just took the stains out.  But I’m still happy with it.  I left the whitening then for about a week to 2 weeks and then used a tray on my top teeth 2 days in a row, and I do feel like they’re slightly whiter now, but nothing extreme.  They’re still a very natural color just more pearly.  To be completely honest I am not decided on will I purchase this product again.  It’s definitely the most easiest to use out of all the sets I have seen, and it does work,  but I don’t know where they got this “8 shades” from.  Maybe my teeth just aren’t naturally white, more ivory perhaps. I went shopping in Dublin yesterday and I did feel like they looked a lot whiter whilst I was trying on lipsticks in MAC, so it’s not like they’re a gimmick and don’t work or anything, it’s just everyone is going to get different results from it.  So just because I didn’t go 8 shades whiter, don’t let that put you off, it might work fabulously on you.


Also if you have alreday tried any teeth whitening sets you think I should try that aren’t crazy expensive please leave me a comment here or on Instagram so I can try them out, muchos appreciation, xo.

Until Next time, Molly xoxo


2 thoughts on “iWhite Review

    1. Thanks Rachie! Same I think I’d like to try the Dial-a-smile (I think it’s called something like that 😂) next but I think it’s a bit princey I’m not exactly sure 😂🙊 X


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