Quick Casual Pink #MOTD

Hi Guys, very quick #MOTD today.

This is a look I wore travelling on the train and it was really quick to do but it still looks nice and put together. I used just one eyeshadow palette for this and I’d say the whole look together took me about 15mins – which is quick for me because i can take anywhere up to 45 minutes to do my makeup some days… I like to take my time and enjoy the process 

Sorry about the mascara marks on the eyeshadow, that tends to happen when they’re as long as mine and using a wet mascara formula *ooopss*  

So first of all I concealed my eyelids because I can’t do anything without covering those horrible veins up – the bane of my life.

Then I used the W7 eyeshadow palette in “In The Nude” (dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3).  I used a dusty rose colour all over the lid, and blended a medium brown into the crease.  Then I used the black (which isn’t the blackest of blacks) to darken up the outer V – i basically drew a V on and then blend blend blend.  I wiped away any fall out and sharpened up the age with some Garnier Miceller water on a cotten round and then primed my skin with the Maybelline Baby Skin in Cool Rose.  I then put on my Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara.  This mascara is a very wet formula and an excellent big bristley brush which I love but can get messy.  I’m having such a hard time with my eyelashes lately, I can’t get them to look decent most of the time.  They’re very long and I always get compliments on them and asked if they’re fake, they’re not actually – they’re 100% real and they’ve just always been that long I didn’t take anything for them to make them grow that long haha.  But they’re so annoying – they always get caught in my eye and they’re sparse too so I can never have that full look </3  I need better mascara that will reach everywhere and keep them curled – dry formula are a no for me they just do nothing to them so I tend to prefer the wet formula ones and sometimes have to dry them with the hairdryer – trust me I look insane but it has to be done.  I really wanna try the Maybeline Lash Sensational or the Benefit Roller Lash but can’t just decide.  So if any of you have an amazing mascara you think I should try or any recommendations at all please tell me and I’ll be forever grateful ❤


For foundation I used a firm favourite – L’oreal True Match in Rose Ivory and mixed in some NYX Liquid Illuminator to try and get my glow on.  I don’t actually like this NYX Illuminator very much which is shocking considering I love everything else I’ve tried from their brand.  But this product is just a bit off for me – it looks gorge when you squeeze it out but then it just gets blended away into nothing on the skin. It does look okay if you mix it with foundation and gives a hint of the strobing vibe but I just can’t get it to work as highlighter on the cheeks.  So I guess I’m just trying to use it up cause it feels like a waste at €10.  If I was to recommend a liquid illuminating highlighter it would be the Seventeen Highlighter from Boots.  It’s only like €8 and my friend (Hi Nikki) has it and I use it all the time when I’m doing the girls makeup for nights out and stuff.

I applied my foundation mixed with illuminator with a Real Techniques Expert Face brush and then blended it in with their sponge (which I looooove).  I dapped some MAC Pro Longwear Concealor in 15w under my eyes and blended with the sponge again.

I used some of this Penneys (or Primark if you’re not Irish) foundation stick in a really dark colour to contour my cheekbones and jawline (I have no jawline, just neck for dayzz) again blending withe the real techniques sponge.

I used Seventeen’s Brows that Wow Brow Kit to do my eyebrows.  I get a dense angeled brush and use the wax first to outline the shape and keep the hairs in place (I have really thin brows naturally – they’re actually a disaster because I can’t pluck anymore off to shape them or I’ll have no eyebrows so I just leave them in whatever awkward shape they are and try to draw in an arch).  I used the powder after to darken them up a bit and then dusted a bit of the highlight shade under my brow bone bc 1.glow 2. fleek

 Lastly I dusted some powder all over my face to set that effort, and just put a little blush on my cheeks so I didn’t look too washed out.  I used Seventeen’s Stay Time Pressed Powder and the NYC Colour Wheel (which is really old and now sadly deaceased as I droped it and it smashed even more, but it’s okay because an order just arrived from Makeup Revolution and includes a shimery blush heart dupe for the Two Faced Blushes and another cream blush palette *yay* – I promise to haul v soon). I didn’t wear any lipstick put i did use a bit of EOS Strawberry Sorbay Lipbalm ❤


Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading guys ❤

Until next time, Molly xoxo

Next Blog Post: Makeup Revolution Haul – Sat 2nd April @ 12:30pm


2 thoughts on “Quick Casual Pink #MOTD

    1. Thanks so much for reading Indy I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💕 Yes definitely it’s amazing I only got it recently and noticed a big improvement on how smooth my foundation goes on over it and lasts! 😊


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