Ariana Grande: MAC Viva Glam #MOTD

Hey guys, as I’m sure you’re aware,  Ariana Grande has teamed up with MAC and released an amazing deep dark berry/mauve lipstick and a light shimmery pink lip gloss.  I was lucky enough to be given the lipstick  matching the lip liner “Nightmoth” as a present.  I even think wearing the lip liner on it’s own is beautiful, but the lipstick definitely darkens it up and makes it more vampy.

How beut does she look though ahhh 😍


Look how gorgeous the gift box is omg I love it.

This lipstick applied lovely over the lip liner – I would definitely recommend using the lip liner though because it really does make a difference.  It acts as a base for the lipstick to hold on to and It prevents bleeding of the colours (when it ends up all over your face) and overall just a smoother surface.

FullSizeRender_1Another important thing to do before wearing this or any other dark matte lipsticks is to exfoliate your lips and load on the lip balm.  I either use sugar and Vaseline (nearly like a homemade version of that amazing bubblegum flavoured lip scrub in Lush) or else i just use my toothbrush when I’m brushing my teeth! It does the job like.FullSizeRender_2  So when all the dead skin cells are removed feck rakes of lipbalm on because matte lipsticks tend to be drying, even though I didn’t find this one that drying at all. I absolutely love how it turned out and I’ll defo be wearing it so much more ❤
FullSizeRender_3P.s. Like my Gryffindor top from Penney’s Harry Potter merch range?
Cause I do.

That’s it really, and if you see Ariana’s range in Mac defo ask them to try it on, or even just smell it (chocolate for dayzz)

Smooches, Molly xoxo


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