Inglot First Impressions & Review #MOTD

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Hey guys!  This is a look I wore out in Maynooth recently *represent* after treating myself to some Inglot in Liffey Valley after finishing my first ever set of college exams (and I passed them all too which led to another make-up spree, sorry savings).  But I thought I’d do a bit of a post just showing what products I used on my eyes,  because I was sooo impressed by them and will definitely be getting some more next time I’m near an Inglot stand.



Ooooh look at all the makeups ❤


 The first thing I bought from Inglot was their AMC Brow Gel in shade 16.  I love this stuff!  A little bit goes a long way, ’cause it’s very creamy and glides on perfectly with a little angled brush.  I use an Elizabeth Arden one I found in mam’s make-up bag long long ago (it’s okay she said I could have it).  I outline whatever shape I want my brows first, and then go fill in little small strokes to give the look of individual hairs.  As with everything – practice makes perfect, but with this little gem, my eyebrows have never felt more on fleek.  Also this stuff does not smudge,  it’s fab and great value for only €16!



Right so, I’ve been on the hunt for a warm orange as a mid tone shade to help with transition to the brow bone for ages, because I always see pictures of it and it looks so pretty.  Then I stumbled upon this little bundle of joy – shade 335 from the Freedom range at Inglot.  I would call this a burnt orange, and I love burnt orange everything anyway so I had to get this.  The camera really doesn’t do it any justice especially with my awkward exposure so check out their website ( I’ll have it linked below) or ask at a stand to see in person and test swatches and stuff.


I often get a bit carried away when make-up shopping so surprise… I got another one *I need to start saving*.  I got shade 326, a medium brown, because I thought it would go really nicely with the other one.  And I think it did, I was happy with it like but, I want to practice this kind of smokey eye look a bit more – the darker lid to light brow, as oppose to the traditional light lids, dark outer corner blended into the crease.  Anyways, I love this particular shade because you can use it in so many looks.

The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing, especially for only €6!  They’re a buttery powder, if that makes sense.  Also, they work with any of my eyeshadow brushes and they’re really pigmented but blend out beautifully.  There are literally hundreds of shades of these eyeshadows and all are as amazing as the next.  They also sell palettes that you can customize and choose what shades you want,  which I think is very handy. They start at around the €40 mark I think, which includes the 5 shades of your choice, or you can buy the palettes on there own.  They come in all different sizes too so you can really choose what’s right for you.  I think a little one of these palettes would be such a lovely gift for someone too, that they can swap out when they want.  You can have a look at the website for more info.  Inglot has made a vvv good first impression on me and I’m so happy about that because it’s also an Irish brand, aren’t we brilliant.

Just incase your curious, here is the rest of the products I used on my eyes and lips this particular night.  I’ll link it all below too, bc I’m nice ❤


This is W7‘s version of the Naked 3 by Urban Decay.  V good dupe, highly recommend!


Brow shaping gel by Catrice in Penneys to help with all that fleekness.


This gel eyeliner is so pitch black it’s brill, Essence in Penneys.



NYX is a newly available brand in Ireland and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m friggin obsessed with this liquid lipstick, it feels so smooth when you put it on and smells amazing.  It’s in the shade Copenhagen.

Product List:

AMC Brow Gel (Inglot)  €16
Freedom Eyeshadow – 335 (Inglot)  €6
Freedom Eyeshadow – 326 (Inglot)  €6
Freedom Palettes (Inglot)  start at €8
Soft Matte Lip Cream – Copenhagen (NYX)   €7.75
In The Nude (W7)  €7
Eyebrow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel– under €4
Gel Eyeliner (Essence)– under €4

Smooches, Molly xoxo


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