Irish Beauty Show 2016

Hey guys.

Ye probably know by now that I attended the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS Mondy and I had the time of my life.  I spent ages swatching makeup and learning about new things.  I even met some people I have looked up to for ages.  I met Sineady Cady (The Makeup Chair on YouTube) at the Blank Canvas Cosmetics stand and got a bit emotional.  We talked for ages about everything under the sun, school, youtube, beauty, blogs, and I could really tell how passionate Sinead is about makeup and it was so inspiring.  I’m so grateful to have had the chance to meet her.  I also watched lots of Demos such as SoSueMe‘s demo at CrownBrush and then I got to meet her at her own stand and get a picture.  At the Coco Brown stand I met Marissa Carter as well.  Everyone I met was so lovely and genuine and made the day so enjoyable.

I also made some (alot) of purchases and bought probably more than I had originally planned, but those offers were amazing…honestly, I was prcatically making money.  Here is what I bought and I will do  review on the SoSu Contour Palette, the iWhite kit, and the Miss Fit Skinny Tea if you’re interested. 🙂




IMG_2418IMG_2439 IMG_2478IMG_2502


Hugs & Kisses, Molly xoxo



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